O ur team of addiction specialists in Harbor City, California is ready to help anyone who has recently begun considering an addiction recovery program but are unsure of where to start the process. Drug rehab centers are more effective than ever, and the experts located at our Harbor City drug addiction facility can help rebuild your life from the ground up, permanently beating your addiction. The path to sobriety will always be full of twist and turns, but those who have a solid support system can overcome their addictions while avoiding further relapses.

Am I Ready for Help?

Anyone who feels as if drugs are taking over their life will benefit from a program at our Harbor City addiction treatment facility. Many people tend to believe they must hit rock bottom before they can start making changes, but that is simply untrue. Every day you spend struggling with your addiction increases your risk of a life-altering event taking place. Even those who feel as if they have control over their addiction are still doing an immense amount of damage to their body; even if a person thinks they have control, they probably don’t.

Completing a recovery program at our Harbor City substance abuse treatment facility will help you avoid any number of serious issues in the future. Long-term drug or alcohol abuse will impact every facet of your health and will eventually cause permanent damage. Those who struggle with addictions tend to hurt the people closest to them. Relationship problems often complicate the recovery process and even exacerbate the addiction. What started off as casual use can easily evolve into a life-threatening disease.

The Detox Period

Depending on the severity of your addiction, you may benefit from the services offered at a drug detox clinic. Unlike a drug rehab facility that will help you address the root causes of your addiction, a detox clinic is designed to help you overcome the physical withdrawals of an addiction. Many people relapse as soon as they experience severe symptoms, which is a very dangerous cycle to be trapped in. Not only can the withdrawal symptoms be quite unpleasant, relapsing once you have begun to detox will put your body into a dangerous state of shock.

A supervised detox program allows clients to start the process of addiction recovery in a positive and healthy way. We do everything in our power to make sure you’re safe, comfortable, and motivated interminably. Our team understands just how difficult the first few days can be, and that is why we are committed to making them as smooth as possible. After you have begun to recover, we can then explore your options for a comprehensive addiction treatment center.

Finding a Program That Works

There are many different approaches to beating an addiction, and each has its own pros and cons. That is why all of our clients meet with an addiction recovery specialist who can come up with a personalized and effective plan. During your first few days at our addiction recovery facility, you will learn more about how addictions work and what they do to your brain. Once you begin to think of your addiction as a chronic disease that requires constant vigilance and attention, you can start making lifelong changes.

Here at our addiction recovery center in Harbor City, clients spend as much time as they need to uncover what is triggering their addiction. For many people, this includes a long list of internal and external factors such as past trauma, abuse, depression, and anxiety. Others self-medicate lingering injuries or chronic pain. Whatever the case may be, you must address those issues first in order to make real adjustments in your life.

Stepping Back Into the World

Finishing your program at our Harbor City drug rehab facility is only the first step in a much more extensive process. Once you head back to your daily life, you must have a strong foundation and an overwhelming amount of support. An outpatient program that offers ongoing assistance is absolutely vital to your success. In addition to receiving advice from those who are going through a similar situation, our team of addiction experts is ready to step in at any moment to help you navigate triggers and challenges you might experience out in the world.

With the recommended aftercare program, you will live the life you always wanted. Don’t wait to get started, call us today.