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S uffering from drug or alcohol addiction is difficult for a variety of reasons. One of the reasons it’s so difficult is the lack of support they receive in their personal lives. It’s not easy for their friends and family to support them if they’re not going through similar experiences. Addiction is serious business, and support is necessary for everyone who comes through the doors of our substance abuse treatment facility in National City, California. Drug rehab centers work, but only if they offer the kind of support their clients need. No two addictions are exactly the same, so no two treatment plans should be either. At our drug rehab in National City, we offer customized, comprehensive addiction treatment plans that are tailored to our client’s unique situations.

Our National City addiction recovery center focuses on many of the methods found at addiction recovery facilities, but we offer personalized support for each client. For example we specialize in treating those who suffer from not only an addiction, but from a mental illness. It’s referred to as a dual diagnosis mental health issue, and our National City addiction treatment center offers support and treatment for coexisting disorders. It is absolutely necessary to treat the mental illness before we can properly treat the addiction. Treating one of these issues doesn’t promote successful addiction recovery. Our addiction treatment facility in National City works with clients to diagnose mental health issues and treat them simultaneously with the addiction.

Drug Detox Clinic and Program

In our National City drug detox clinic, every client is supervised through the entire process. Detox is stressful on the mind and body; our supervised detox allows clients to feel safe and as comfortable as possible. Since feeling secure is one of the most important feelings of the program, supervised detox is beneficial because it’s always necessary to have someone at your side. With the help of our addiction professionals, you will get through detox with relative ease.

Next, clients are able to meet other people in similar situations. Through group therapy, the community fostered within the rehab will enable clients to learn new coping techniques from each other. They’re able to meet clients who are going through the same dual diagnosis program, even if their individual treatment plan is different. This kind of support is imperative for all addictions, because it allows clients to feel they are supported by people who understand them. It’s the support they might not find at home, and it’s what they will turn to later in life for tactics to remain sober.

Our National City addiction recovery program is highly personalized for each client, but everyone goes through therapy to meet their personal needs. The extended community our therapy and group sessions offer is unparalleled by anything else. Since we recognize the support our clients receive as being the most important, we understand how pivotal it is to offer support when clients leave our rehab. Aftercare is not something our National City drug addiction treatment center takes lightly.

What sets this facility apart from the others is the emphasis of honesty. Our clients are asked to be honest at all times, and we are honest with them in return. When we are open with one another, we can accomplish more. Knowing our clients are being honest with us about their lives, their choices, and what makes them turn to substance abuse helps us find the best way to help them. Our National City substance abuse treatment facility helps clients find a way to get passed the things that push them towards drugs and alcohol. With the help of our esteemed addiction professionals, you can live the life you always wanted. Don’t wait for it to pass you by, give us a call today.