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A substance abuse problem can completely inundate the life of a sufferer. While no one intentionally becomes addicted to anything, whether it's drugs or alcohol, the unfortunate consequence of continued use is often a dependence followed by a physical addiction that can create havoc in the life of someone who uses. At first someone might use substances just for recreation or relaxation, but as time goes on, they may develop an ever-deepening problem. The sufferer might recklessly waste money on substances when that money could be better spent elsewhere. They may find themselves alienated from family members due to bad behavior or inexplicably bad decisions. In time, they might lose a job, drop out of school, or lose a marriage or relationship. There is a never ending list of unfortunate eventualities that can happen when someone has a drug problem that spirals out of control.

Our Darien, IL drug rehab center sees patients who have reached a stage of addiction that requires comprehensive treatment. We provide supervised detoxification to ensure the most safety and comfort possible as your body purges itself of toxins left in your bloodstream by the substance abuse. Because circumstances may vary based on your substance of choice and duration of abuse, the details of the detox process will vary based on your situation, but our staff with be there through the entire process to administer any necessary attention.

Before entering any addiction recovery facility, many patients worry about the difficult detox process. We go to great lengths to ensure that detox is as uncomplicated and comfortable as possible. While we can't completely take away all the symptoms of a drug detox, we teach each client to cope effectively with the symptoms of detox. This keeps clients committed to their journey and allows us to be of most service to them.

Our Darien substance abuse treatment facility is staffed by the most compassionate people in the industry. We are firm believers in comfortable, safe, and clean environments that give clients their best chance to rebuild a secure life after experiencing the problem of drug addiction. The heart of our philosophy is that multiple approaches are needed in order to successfully combat drug addiction. At our rehab clinic, clients find safe haven and recover in a clean environment full of people who are passionate about giving them a new lease on life.

Honesty is the best policy, especially when it comes to treating drug addiction. Clients are expected to behave in a respectful, honest way during treatment. We encourage clients to bond together and share their experiences in group meetings, individual sessions, and privately as they reflect on their own treatment plan. Support groups are among the most successful of all treatments for drug addiction. Clients will share their experiences with other clients spending time in our facilities, and through this process, will develop a network of support that can last well past your duration in our addiction recovery program.

Our rehab center offers in-depth counseling services as well. The emphasis on dual diagnosis is vital to recovery. Addiction recovery may be more than just recovery from dependence on a substance. In roughly half of our clients, co-occurring alongside that addiction is a mental health issue that may be a contributing element of the addiction. When clients arrive at our drug rehab facility, they are thoroughly evaluated by a qualified counselor who can pinpoint underlying mental illness and get them the help they need. By identifying and treating the co-occurring mental issue at the same time the addiction is treated, the chances of recovery are greatly improved.

Every client has different needs. Our team goes to work on treatment plan for each client individually. Because the circumstances of each individual’s addiction are unique, there is no "one size fits all" approach to addiction here. It's all highly detailed and specific to the client. Our unique treatment plans give every client the best chance they have to succeed in their recovery, not just while they are here but when they go back out into the world. Coping skills are taught and nourished at every available opportunity in our safe inpatient environment.

Aftercare is of utmost importance at our drug rehab center. No client walks out of our addiction recovery facility without being fully equipped with all the resources they need to continue their care on the outside. Many clients need continued treatment. We provide contact information for outpatient therapy professionals who help them get the help they need. People who have been diagnosed with a mental illness in addition to substance abuse problem may need to get therapy after they leave us. We make sure that they get that help.

Anyone who suffers from drug addiction should contact our drug rehab clinic. Our drug rehab centers are here to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We welcome questions, listen to concerns, and provide compassionate care from pre-screening all the way to discharge. There is nothing that we won't do to make sure that every client we serve leaves our facility with the right resources and the mindset of success that they need to sustain a full recovery from addiction. No matter how far along the road of addiction someone has traveled, we can help. But we can only help if you want it. Call us today to take the first step toward conquering the disease of addiction today. There is help for addiction and it is safe, comfortable, and enlightening. Once you call, you're well on your way to gaining the tools you need to reach your recovery goal.