A n addiction to drugs and alcohol can be damaging to both you and your family. When using drugs and alcohol becomes your priority in life, your relationships, career, and education can take a backseat, leaving those who care about you wondering what to do to get things back under control.

But if you want to get your life back on track, you may not be able to do so alone. The road to recovery can be challenging, full of hurdles that can be impossible to overcome without assistance and a strong support system.

However, you don’t need to go through the rehabilitation process alone. Ashwood drug rehab facility located in Wheeling, Illinois, an entire community of compassionate addiction experts will help you succeed.

What Makes Us Different?

Unlike many drug rehab centers, we care about you and the choices that you make. We don’t just want to treat your withdrawal symptoms– we want to help you change your life.

Our Wheeling substance abuse treatment facility focuses on maintaining trust, comfort, and safety. By promoting a positive and encouraging environment, our clients are more receptive to therapies, treatments, and the community that wants to guide them through the process. With an open mind and a willingness to make serious life changes, our clients can live positive, healthy lives after leaving our addiction treatment center in Wheeling.

Our team of expert professionals walks you through a specialized addiction recovery program, individually designed to put control of your life back into your hands.

The Process of Rehabilitation

Each client that comes to our addiction recovery center in Wheeling will have a unique addiction recovery process customized just for them. With a uniquely tailored program, our clients will get personal, expert care to treat their individual needs and situation.

At Ashwood Rehabilitation in Wheeling, we provide dual diagnosis mental health treatment. With this approach, our care experts are able to uncover the underlying mental health issue that affects nearly half of all people with an addiction. By treating the mental health problem, individuals struggling with addiction can have a smoother recovery after leaving the Wheeling addiction treatment facility.

The designed recovery process will follow the same basic three steps, detox, therapy, and aftercare.


The first phase of the rehab process is detox. At our Wheeling addiction recovery facility, we provide a strictly supervised detox. A monitored detox means that you will have professionals assisting you through the potentially difficult and uncomfortable process.

A successful detox sets you on track for a full recovery. By effectively removing drugs and alcohol from your system, you have a clean slate to begin the rest of your treatment.

Rehabilitation Therapy

After your body has rid any leftover toxins from your addiction, you will move on to the long-term therapy portion of treatment. With a strong therapy system, we work with clients get to the root of their addiction and effectively treat it. Therapy allows clients to treat whatever ails them in order to live a healthy and happy life.

Therapy will usually come in more than one form. Clients will have one-on-one meetings with a therapist and will also participate in group meetings and discussions. Clients may also choose to participate in family counseling, allowing them to repair relationships with loved ones.

Aftercare Programs

The final phase of the rehabilitation process is aftercare, which happens after leaving our Wheeling drug rehab clinic and focuses on practicing lessons learned in care and adjusting to daily life. Because many individuals struggle to adapt to life after treatment, aftercare can help them make the right choices when faced with triggers and temptations.

The level of aftercare that is needed will depend on the individual and their unique circumstances. For most people, aftercare includes therapy and group meetings on a regular basis. Others may choose to live in sober housing for those who have just left treatment. Don’t wait any longer, call Ashwood Rehabilitation today.